Monday, August 06, 2007

Well, Who Said that Preaching Was Easy?

WARNING: This video is just a live shot of everything that happened. It includes LOADS OF FOUL LANGUAGE!! The video was actually posted on YouTube by someone making fun of the preacher, so there was no effort to edit the vile responses of the people. Watch at your own risk.


Jessie said...


I see you are from St. Louis, Missouri... are you going to attend the "Transformed" conference on April 19th? It's in St. Louis. My husband and I are driving down there for it from frigid cold, MI.


Jessie, I'd love to--but I've actually moved to St Petersburg, Florida!! Alas!! Right after I move, they decide to come to my home town!! I am ... disappointed, because I do want to meet Ray and Kirk at some point. But, oh well.

God bless you and your husband richly.

choco said...

This must have been what Paul must have felt like preaching on his missionary journeys.

dede said...


where did the preaching on this video take place? wow, i was awakened to the depravity of this world by this video.

as a mom who has been teaching the WOTM and training my 2 sons, ages 12 & 10 i realize that this video will be "common" ground one day.

thank u joshua for standing firm. although i didn't see them but i believe God sent his guardian angels around u to protect u against all the vileness and physical attacks.


Note to Dede and everyone else--this is NOT me preaching!

I have had the Lord protect me from TOOL fans and drunkards, but I have never actually been attacked like this. The most that has happened to me is that I have been threatened with the police by angry atheists. Nothing major.

But, hey, if God tells me to do something like this guy did, I can certainly count on Him to handle the situation!