Friday, August 03, 2007

Much of You

"I wanna make much of you, Jesus/I wanna make much of Your Love/I wanna live today/To give You the praise/That You alone are so worthy of/I wanna make much of Your mercy/I wanna make much of Your Cross/I give You my life/Take it and let it be used/To make much of You!!!"

What did Jesus do to make Himself so worthy? Why is it so glorious that He died as a common criminal upon a Roman cross? Why is Steven so willing to put himself behind the Life of Jesus, when Steven is so talented himself? He says, "This is Your Love, oh God, not to make much of me/But to send Your own Son so that we could make much of You for all eternity!"

What about Steven? Doesn't he deserve some praise for the way he has led people to the Lord? For the way he has helped so many orphans? For the way he has uplifted so many Christians? Why does he want to give Jesus all the credit?

The answer is that Steven recognizes his own sinfulness and how unworthy he is of God's love. SCC knows that he was condemned--"dead in trespasses and sins" (Ephesians 2:1)--but now has been set free by the Lord against Whom he had sinned, by that Lord taking the punishment that he deserved upon Himself in order to save him.

That is the message of the Gospel--that is the hope of the Christian. Let us evermore make much of Jesus for all eternity!!

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