Monday, August 06, 2007

Well, Who Said that Preaching Was Easy?

WARNING: This video is just a live shot of everything that happened. It includes LOADS OF FOUL LANGUAGE!! The video was actually posted on YouTube by someone making fun of the preacher, so there was no effort to edit the vile responses of the people. Watch at your own risk.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Much of You

"I wanna make much of you, Jesus/I wanna make much of Your Love/I wanna live today/To give You the praise/That You alone are so worthy of/I wanna make much of Your mercy/I wanna make much of Your Cross/I give You my life/Take it and let it be used/To make much of You!!!"

What did Jesus do to make Himself so worthy? Why is it so glorious that He died as a common criminal upon a Roman cross? Why is Steven so willing to put himself behind the Life of Jesus, when Steven is so talented himself? He says, "This is Your Love, oh God, not to make much of me/But to send Your own Son so that we could make much of You for all eternity!"

What about Steven? Doesn't he deserve some praise for the way he has led people to the Lord? For the way he has helped so many orphans? For the way he has uplifted so many Christians? Why does he want to give Jesus all the credit?

The answer is that Steven recognizes his own sinfulness and how unworthy he is of God's love. SCC knows that he was condemned--"dead in trespasses and sins" (Ephesians 2:1)--but now has been set free by the Lord against Whom he had sinned, by that Lord taking the punishment that he deserved upon Himself in order to save him.

That is the message of the Gospel--that is the hope of the Christian. Let us evermore make much of Jesus for all eternity!!

Evangelistic Discouragement

"One night when [Dwight L.] Moody was going home, it suddenly occurred to him that he had not spoken to a single person that day about accepting Christ. A day lost, he thought to himself. But as he walked up the street he saw a man by a lamppost. He promptly walked up to the man and asked, 'Are you a Christian?'

"Moody did not find soul-winning easy. In fact, even other Christians often criticized him for having zeal without knowledge. Others called him 'Crazy Moody.' Once when he spoke to a perfect stranger about Christ, the man said, 'That is none of your business...If you were not a sort of preacher, I would knock you into the gutter for your impertinence.' [A gutter ran along the street carrying waste and rain water--it was very filthy.]

"The next day, a businessman friend sent for Moody. The businessman told Moody that the stranger he had spoken to was a friend of his. 'Moody, you've got zeal without knowledgge. You insulted a friend of mine on the street last night. You went up to him, a perfect stranger, and asked him if he were a Christian.'

"Moody went out of his friend's office almost brokenhearted. For sometime he worred about this. Then late one night a man pounded on the door of his home. It was the stranger he had supposedly insulted. The stranger said, 'Mr. Moody, I have not had a good night's sleep since that night you spoke to me under the lamp-post, and I have come around at this unearthly hour of the night for you to tell me what I have to do to be saved.' "

Recounted by Harry Albus, quoted in the Evidence Bible.