Thursday, January 22, 2009

Winter Jam

I usually ignore things like Winter Jam, because it seems to me that whenever a multi-denominational group of Christians gets together, it downplays the Gospel. Sure, everybody has a good time, but nobody is exhrted to righteousness, and some of the acts could use some strung rebukes themselves.

Not the case here.

I was amazed as act after act was clean, modest, godly, sometimes goofy, yes entertaining, but I could find no offense to Jesus whatsoever. And I was looking. I don't think I stopped looking until the very end of the show.

True, some people might argue with the style of some of the music. True, some songs weren't specifically written about God. True, there was a lot of dancing.

But the Gospel message overall could not have been clearer, and anyone who left there thinking of Jesus as anything but a just and compassionate God and Savior wasn't paying attention at all. The Gospel presentation during the middle of the show was superb. And everything that followed was biblical Christianity at its best.

I was shocked. Yes, I wished that my favorite singer was there (Steven Curtis Chapman), but he was there last year and I didn't go then. But I was blessed beyond measure...especially by Brandon Heath.